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EHG Group constitutes EIH, which possess a remarkable movement and conventional financial academy have become facile at originating them. Established on (05 November 2009) in Abu Dhabi - UAE, by Mr. Abdulla Mangoosh, with over 04 years of experience. We, at EIH, truly admit our mission to help our client's accomplishment and nourish capital growth. We trust capital salvation and target to achieve our client requirements. Emirates Investment House chases for long-term capital recognition. The funds are primarily invested in a assorted portfolio of universal stores (small, medium, large-capitalization companies). The four divisions of EIH that works for investment house assignments are EMIRATE WORLD INVESTMENT ABU DHABI, FREE HOLD PROPERTY SALES CENTER, ECO BOUND MALAYSIA, and PROPERTY PRIVATE UAE. As many are aware, investment house plays a major role in investment market. Hence, we aim for few more subgroups of EIH in future.


EGTH, presented by EHG Group is a General Trading House, hankering to become ultimate reputable origin of all reaping solutions. Established on (04 August 2009) in Abu Dhabi - UAE, by Mr. Abdulla Mangoosh, with over 05 years of experience. EHG Group provides their valuable service and support to the people or customers to invest in trading sector. Our eminence for distributing the chief level of service is invariable and a severe component in our achievement is committed to merit. We in trading houses using our growing cash reserved to start discovering client business and a sector long conquered by many other similar companies. Our trading transfers the goods and services among the people and we do undergo the exchanges of various trades between the buyer and seller. Our financial transaction for these trading sounds good in UAE. We invent money for our customers so as to abridge and support trades. All kind of services and dealings in EGTH are very smooth and short with our available skilled co-workers. Hence EGTH stands as a financial market for all the traders. EGTH high standards of service ensured our clients from distinctive markets stays with us throughout. Our trade exertions are dispersed worldwide and forthwith we export various products. The sub-groups of EGTH are six in number and they are TECHNOIN ABU DHABI, GLOBAL ARTS DUBAI, PYRAMIS TRADING DUBAI, ASSURANCE TRADING U.A.Q., ABSOLUTE TECHNOLOGY ABU DHABI, and DIATECH ABU DHABI. Adding to this, projecting our business throughout the world is our highest mission.


Positively, it is crucial for giant and trivial businesses to gain subsistence, we in Emirates Media House, a sub-group of Emirates House Group. Established on (15 March 2011) in Abu Dhabi - UAE, by Mr. Abdulla Mangoosh, with over 03 years of experience. Also, our reinforcement services are divergent in terms of envision and profitable. Your choice with our service empowers the business quality, professionalism, commitment, wisdom and an undying relationship. The placement of advertisements is much cared by our Media Housing sector. Media house deals with various terms such as advertising, broadcasting, news media, media program, digital media, electronic media, print media, published media, recording media, social media and so on, where we complete marketing on all service and playing a major role for client requirement. QUALITY PROMOTION AND ADVERTISING L.L.C. is one of our media servicing division founded in 2003, inborn from Emirates Media House, holding the trade license. The major activities undergone here are Journalist advertisement, Import advertisement supplies, Distributing commercial materials, contests, and tournaments. The only sub-group of EMIH is QUALITY ADVERTISING ABU DHABI. There are hell numbers of suggestions to stretch our Media House services. Thus, to meet all our public expectation, we are in process of creating different patterns in various countries.


EAIH of EHG Group is improving the generation capacity of agriculture in Abu Dhabi through fertility increases and this stands as an influential strategy mission, where agriculture exhibits an important zone in the economy. We are here to tend for livelihood agriculture, strikingly in sylvan areas, where scarcity is more notable. Hence, our sprouting agricultural sector devote for overall cultivation and poverty palliation. Investment in agriculture is of significant passion as a startling progression is being examined. GARDEN GALLERY ABU DHABI and ABDULLA FARM ABU DHABI are the two division of EAIH Group, involved in Agricultural investment assignments. We do have a strategical plan to spread over our services in other countries with the presence of many partners and clients.


EESH, a member of EHG, established on (24th March 2011) in Abu Dhabi - UAE, by Mr. Abdulla Mangoosh, with over 2 years of experience., delegated to endow defensible-adapted assistance, environmental consultancy services, designs and results for a discrete set of concerns and to boost businesses, land owners, land colonist and the city at large with rectitude and feasibility. EESH specializes in sustainable business education & green business recognition, gust-water administration proposal & de-sedimentation control, water resource management, environmental yielding & managerial concurrence, carbon scrutiny & management planning, and environmental quake investigation. Environmental Solutions are controlled by two companies that exist under EESH, which are SES LTD R.A.K and EGM GERMANY. A lot more divisions of EESH are yet to get furnished in many places aided with perfect technologies and co-workers.

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